Best Cities in Portugal for Digital Nomads

9 Cities in Portugal that are a perfect fit for digital nomads

Portugal’s cities are famous all over the globe. You’ve definitely seen the iconic tram in Lisbon or the idyllic beaches of the Algarve region. From natural sceneries to unique architecture, Portugal has a lot to offer to all kinds of visitors.

If you’re a digital nomad visiting Portugal soon, this guide is for you! We’ll be showcasing 9 of the best cities in Portugal and why they are a perfect fit for your nomadic needs. If you love Portugal and are ready for your next adventure, keep reading because you’ll definitely find this list interesting. Let’s start with the first city…

1. Lisbon

lisbon city tram
Probably the most famous digital nomad destination in not just Portugal, but also in Europe, Lisbon is justifiably on top of our list. It’s Portugal’s capital and as a result, you have endless choices for work and fun and it is really well connected with the rest of Europe. Rent here is (or was) relatively low compared to other major European capitals, this has changed lately and there is an increasing resentment agains digital nomads for the increasing price of rents.

Nevertheless, Lisbon is still perfect for every digital nomad. You get tons of coworking spaces, artistic cafes, and a lovely rapidly growing digital nomad community. Some things you should do are: ride the iconic tram, walk through its historic neighborhoods, visit the multiple city markets and eat as many Pasteis de Belem as you can.

2. Porto

oporto digital nomads
After Lisbon, Porto is the second most preferred city destination for digital nomads in Portugal, this city is not as large as the capital but you can still find everything you need.

Porto is where the famous Douro River flows out to the Atlantic ocean, splitting the city in half, the bridges connecting both sides are one of the perfect portraits of the city at sunset.

But that’s not all of it… Porto is also known for its wine! If you’re a wine lover, this place has your name on it! It’s also one of the biggest cities in Portugal with vibrant nightlife, a lot of tourist attractions like the Library of Lello or the famous Capilla de las almas with the blue tiles on the facade, and of course, everything a digital nomad would need. Coworking spaces, cafes, you name it… Everything is there!

One of the main reasons to choose Porto over Lisbon is the rent. You can still get a decent apartment for about $1000/ month. Therefore, if you’d like to spend your weekends enjoying the city and drinking wine while escaping work stress, this is your city.

3.  Lagos

Lagos beach
Lagos in the Algarve is a small beach town that offers a laid-back and relaxed vibe for everyone who wants to experience it. Something you should consider is arriving in Lagos outside of the summer period. This way you’ll not be affected by the huge tourist waves and it will also be easier to find a decent home.

Lagos is a small town but it does have everything you might need including supermarkets, shops, cafes, coworking spaces, gyms, and more. On top of all that, you have scenic beaches and wonderful rocky cliffs right outside your doorstep.

4.  Ericeira

ericeira cliff
Are you into surfing? Ericeira is the best place IN THE WORLD for surfing. Yeah, you heard that right! You get numerous kilometers of coastline and amazing waves! Other than surfing, Ericeira has shops, cafes, coworking spaces, and more. Ericeira is not even an hour away from Lisbon therefore you can easily visit the capital for a quick road trip.

Visit the Praia do Sul, the Old Town, and some of the best restaurants that offer delicious seafood. The digital nomad community is small but steady and it’ll be easy to establish some great relationships. We’d also like to make some coworking space recommendations. You should go for The Salt Studio or Kelp Coworking Space.

5.  Funchal

funchal city digital nomads
Funchal is the capital city of Madeira, a beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean. If you decide to live in Madeira, here’s what you’ll get: Great weather all year, beautiful beaches, historical monuments and museums, and a lot of hikes. Digital nomads seem to love this place and never want to leave it!

This city in the middle of the Atlantic ocean is really integrated into the digital nomad lifestyle that’s why you’ll find many cafes, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, private offices, and more. A lot of them also offer amazing views of the Atlantic so you can enjoy the time of your work.

6.  Portimao

portimao coastal city portugal
Portimao is known for Praia Da Rocha beach which is very close to the town. During the summer period, this beach and town are full of tourists that are looking to relax and recharge their batteries. The beach is just stunning. Azure waters, 1.5km of sand, rocky breathtaking views… it has everything.

As a digital nomad, Portimao offers a lot. First things first, you get cheap rent in the center of the town. You can expect to spend around $600/month. This rate increases if you decide to live by the beach. Coworking spaces are a common thing in Portimao with the best one being HUB Ativo.

7. Armação de Pêra

armaçao de pera beach
We believe Armação de Pêra is one of the best choices you have as a digital nomad when visiting Portugal. You get a quiet, close-to-the-beach town with all the necessary amenities and a really low cost of living. There are many hotels but also long-term rentals that have a huge discount outside the summer period.

Even though it’s a small town, Armação de Pêra has quality internet speeds, coworking places, and cafes for everyone. Hiking is something you should definitely try if you decide to live in Armação de Pêra in order to get the best views of Southern Portugal.

8. Braga

braga stairs
Braga is located in Northern Portugal and it’s one of the oldest Cristian cities in the world. That said, expect to see many fascinating churches and ancient buildings. Braga is not like the rest of Portugal’s cities. It doesn’t have sea or rocky cliffs. It’s a normal city with a rich history.

In Braga, you can expect a very low cost of living. You could be paying around $500 per month. This makes Braga an ideal place for digital nomads that want to live on a budget. Coworking spaces and cafes are a thing here so even though there’s no sea, you still have all the services you need. Some of the best places to visit in Braga include the Braga Cathedral and Biscainhos Museum.

9. Faro

faro city digital nomads
Faro is the capital of the Algarve and it’s very famous for its nightlife. The city is very quiet all day but when night falls, it wakes up! You’ll find many beach bars, normal bars, and parties happening all over so yeah if that’s what you’re vibing with, Faro is your go-to place. As part of the Algarve, Faro also has some amazing beaches and coastlines.

Digital nomads staying in Faro can visit the old town, other historical sites, and, of course, the beaches. Faro is a great place if you want to socialize and make new friends. The digital nomad community is rapidly growing here so it won’t be hard for you to meet like-minded people.

Portugal has some amazing places that as a digital nomad you MUST visit. In this article, we only showcased cities located in Portugal. Apart from cities, there are a lot of villages, hiking trails, beaches, and viewpoints that are beautiful and worth visiting. Cities would be the base of your journey so read this list and carefully choose the one that fits you the best.
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