If you’re a digital nomad, you already know that looking for your next destination can be one of the most difficult decisions.

You need to find a place that fulfills all your requirements and at the same time offers an amazing experience. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it is all about… experiences!

You don’t have to visit the same popular places that every digital nomad has been at. There are places that are still considered “undiscovered” by mass tourism. Therefore, if you’re looking for something different than Buenos Aires, Bali or Chiang Mai you’re in the right place.

Today we are going to be share 10 underrated and relatively “undiscovered” digital nomad destinations and why you should visit them.

Koh Lanta, Thailand


If you’re trying to visit Thailand as a digital nomad, instead of visiting Bangkok or Chiang Mai, you could visit a much more peaceful and quieter place… Koh Lanta.
Some people describe the island of Koh Lanta as a paradise. It’s full of nature… Birds singing, waves washing over sand and rocks, rare traffic, and the best part? Most of Koh Lanta’s resorts are just a few meters away from the ocean.
This Thai island is also perfect if you’re trying to save up some money. Cheap hotels, restaurants, and internet connection are just some other benefits this island offers.

Saranda, Albania


Located along the Albanian Riviera, Saranda is very much similar to Greece and its climate. You get sunny days, beautiful beaches, Mediterranean food, and a small but great digital nomad community.

During the summer, Saranda is full of life and your options in entertainment are endless. However, it gets quieter during the other seasons. The expat community here isn’t that big which gives you the opportunity to create deeper friendships with other nomads like yourself.

Cheap internet and very affordable rent are also some great benefits of living in Saranda. 

Da Nang, Vietnam


Vietnam is always a great choice for digital nomads. Da Nang is a growing digital nomads hub, perfect for anyone who has a budget (or no!).

Rent is very affordable here at about $300 per month. Overall, there are many places like coffee shops and restaurants that offer cheap prices. A luxurious lifestyle is also possible in Da Nang as there are many Western restaurants and rooftop bars for you to explore.

Apart from that, the internet is very fast and reliable so you don’t have to worry about it which is always a plus.

Bansko, Bulgaria


Different than the usual digital nomad destination, Bansko is a small mountain town in Bulgaria. Sure, it may not have beaches or 300 sunny days a year but it’s definitely perfect for people who love the mountains and freedom.

The cost of living here is cheap compared to the rest of Europe. You can rent an apartment for as low as $170 per month. The Internet is also very reliable in most cafes and restaurants.

Skiing, hiking, visiting hot springs, and meeting other nomads at the multiple coworkings are just some of Bansko’s activities you can do while exploring this little town.

Tbilisi, Georgia


Tbilisi is the largest city in Georgia and it’s definitely a growing expats community. Before we say anything else, you have to know that Tbilisi has been affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war and prices are not as enticing as they used to be.

Even though it’s not that cheap, Tbilisi is a beautiful place! Buildings feature awesome architecture, the streets are full of life and welcoming shops, and let’s not forget the fact that Georgia is A VERY safe place to live with extremely low crime rate.

It’s worth noting that Georgian food is some of the best we’ve had in all our years of travel.

Some recommended digital nomad spots are Stamba Hotel Cafe, Fabrika Hostel Cafe, and Terminal.

Tallinn, Estonia

estonia-digital nomad

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia and the best Estonian place for a digital nomad.

Estonia has emerged as a hotspot for entrepreneurs and digital nomads due to several reasons, with its advanced digital infrastructure and visa options for digital nomads being the most significant ones.

Tallinn is perfect for all kinds of people. It has a vivid nightlife, many museums, harbors, palaces, and more. There are also a lot of co-working places that you can access for a monthly subscription.

Although rental prices are not the cheapest, you can still find a decent apartment for as little as $800 per month.

Perth, Australia


Ever dreamed of visiting the edge of the world? If so, Perth can help you accomplish your dream. Located on the Western Coast of Australia, Perth is one of the most isolated cities in the world.

Why would you visit Perth? I mean it’s in Australia so that’s a pretty good reason! Beautiful beaches, stunning landscapes, the Australian culture… These are just some of the benefits you get.

Perth has a population of around 2 million people and digital nomads are a common thing here. There are many co-working spaces as well as coffee shops and restaurants that you can work in. Lifestyle is not as expensive as in other major cities like Sydney or Melbourne.

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica


Santa Teresa is a place where you’ll meet like-minded people and live the digital nomad dream. It’s a surf town with many luxury villas or apartments for you to rent.

The Internet is great in Santa Teresa… With a optic fiber cable, you can reach speeds up to 100mbps which is more than enough for a great online experience.

Outdoor activities are mandatory for the Costa Rican lifestyle and you are guaranteed to fall in love with the laid-back vibe that fills the atmosphere. Cafes and restaurants are a fit for your nomadic needs as they offer free WiFi and a great breakfasts.

Dahab, Egypt


Dahab is a Bedouin fishing community that many compare to Bali as a digital nomad destination.

This place has it all, affordable cost of living, interesting activities, beautiful scenery, and a growing expats community for you to connect with.

Rent can cost you as low as $400 per month and the overall cost of living is enticing. Plus, there are many co-working spaces with fast internet and great coffee.

Do not forget to try kitesurfing at sunset or diving through the reefs as these activities are what Dahab is known for!

Taghazout, Morocco


Taghazout was just a fishing village until recently. Now, it’s the number one digital nomad destination in Morocco.

With 5-star resorts, luxurious restaurants, and an average internet speed of 100 Mbps, this place should be on top of your list.

Surfing is very common in Taghazout but if surfing is not your thing, you can enjoy the beach as well or practise any other water activity.

Taghazout has many apartment buildings and co-working places which offer the best conditions for digital nomads.

That’s it

There are still places on Earth that are perfect for digital nomads and aren’t yet full of tourists and chaos. Today, we showed you 10 of them. If you’re looking for a peaceful place that doesn’t have many tourists and can satisfy your nomadic needs, then make sure to add one of the above-mentioned destinations to your list.

Leave us a comment and tell us what are yours! We would love to know what are you favorite digital destinations

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