Best destinations in Europe for digital nomads

10 of the best digital nomad-friendly destinations in Europe

Are you looking for a European place to visit and continue your nomadic journey? Do you want a list of destinations that are perfect for any digital nomad and showcase the best European cities? Then this article is for you…

The city you decide to stay in must fulfill some requirements. These requirements are:

● Fast internet access
● Safety
● Coworking spaces
● Language
● Social/Nightlife
● Activities and Attractions
● Low cost of living

Well, the cities we’ll be mentioning right now fulfill all these requirements and as mentioned before, are perfect for digital nomads. Let’s dive into it…


1. Budapest, Hungary

budapest digital nomad destination
Budapest is one of the best digital nomad destinations in Eastern Europe. It’s known for affordable rent prices, public safety, and thermal baths.

As an ex-communist country, many would expect a dreadful city with closed people and nothing fun. But Budapest is nothing like that. There you’ll find many bars and cafes, a lot of friendly people and digital nomad communities as well as some great hiking trails!

Internet speed is fast and reliable in Budapest, exactly what every digital nomad needs.

2. Lisbon, Portugal

digital nomads lisbon
Lisbon is the most-visited and famous digital nomad destination in Europe. Why wouldn’t it?

Lisbon is a big city so it comes with many options for having fun, meeting people, working, and living overall. Lisbon is known for its laid-back vibe so if that resonates with you, it would make a great home! It’s great for all times of the year as it’s neither too cold nor too warm.

Let us not forget about the amazing architecture, the picturesque alleys, and of course their popular tram 28.

3. Krakow, Poland

digital nomads in krakow
Krakow is a beautiful medieval city that’s also known as Poland’s jewel. With fascinating architecture and interesting history, Krakow won’t let you down.

This is also a big city of around a million people so making new friends won’t be a problem. It also seems like Krakow has many digital nomad communities already so you’d be a great addition.

Affordable lifestyle, fast internet connection, like-minded people, and a ton of awesome buildings that can work as inspiration await you in Krakow.

4. Barcelona, Spain

digital nomads bcn
We don’t think there’s a lot of explaining to do here… Barcelona is one of the best European cities for digital nomads and tourists.

Barcelona has embraced the nomadic lifestyle and offers many cafes and co-working spaces with high-internet speeds and nice coffee. Prices might not be so enticing but Barcelona’s lifestyle definitely makes up for it.

There you’ll find vivid nightlife, breathtaking buildings and architecture, a mild climate, and a growing digital nomad community. Sounds like a great place, right?

5. Prague, Czech Republic

remote job prague
Many say that Prague is made out of a fairytale… And we agree with them. Prague is a really good choice for digital nomads.

This Czech city offers a low cost of living, fast internet connection, beautiful buildings, and natural sights as well as a vibrant nightlife. Whether you want to go on a hike or visit the old town or drink a beer, Prague has got you covered.

The only disadvantage of this location is the language barrier. Many locals don’t know English so you might find a communication problem from time to time.

6. Madeira, Portugal

digital nomad madeira
Are you looking for something exotic but at the same time close to Europe? What about Madeira?

The island of Madeira is located 1,000 kilometers from the European coast and is part of Portugal. Madeira has attracted many digital nomads in the last few years and an expat community is rapidly growing there thanks to organizations like Startup Madeira.

In Madeira, you have many things to do. We’ve had so many amazing hikes in Madeira and seen the most spectacular sunrises from the top of the mountains. Many refer to Madeira as the Hawaii of Europe.

Even though Madeira gives off a remote vibe, the internet is great there and co-working spaces await your arrival!

7. Tallinn, Estonia

digital nomads tallin
Unlike Madeira, Tallinn is an Eastern European city that has other types of beauty to offer. Sure, you won’t find any tropical beaches or rainforests in Tallinn but you will find beautiful architecture, rich history, and an awesome place to stay.

Tallinn is a medieval city so you will find many castles and paved pathways there. Transportation is great and so is the country’s overall safety rate. You will experience cold winters in Tallinn as it’s north and very close to Finland.

Oh and here’s something you didn’t see coming… Tallinn has beaches and many people visit them during summer and spring. Be careful though because the Baltic Sea is cold!

8. Valletta, Malta

valletta for digital nomads
Valletta is the capital of Malta and is the go-to place if you’re looking for an island and at the same time European vibe.

Valletta is picturesque, featuring many medieval buildings and castles. It’s a small town with walkable distances and close to the beach as well.

Even though Valletta is a small town, you’ll have the chance to experience its amazing nightlife, architecture, and of course… wonderful cafes. Don’t worry about the internet there. It’s as good as other European countries like Italy.

9. Vilnius, Lithuania

remote worker vilnius
Vilnius is perfect for a casual lifestyle in a nice city with many available activities and natural landscapes.

In the center of the city, you’ll find many eateries, cafes, and bars where people speak good English. Wifi is also reliable and fast which makes Vilnius a great place for any digital nomad.

Natural landscapes are also very close to the city which makes the perfect opportunity for a weekend getaway. Last but not least, let’s not forget about the amazing architecture and rich history this place offers.

10. Brasov, Romania

remote worker brasov
Brasov is a very nice mountainous city located in the heart of Romania. Do you fancy ski resorts and hiking trails? Then, this place is for you.

Brasov is a picturesque city with an affordable cost of living and reliable wifi. There are many places you can see and enjoy while staying in Brasov.

If you’re able to visit Brasov during the Christmas period, then you’ll see the city shining with Christmas lights and it’s a truly remarkable sight, trust us!

We just talked about 10 of the best European digital nomad destinations fo this year. If you’re looking for your next home within Europe, definitely take our suggestions into consideration. Whether you prefer an island vibe or a medieval city vibe, this guide has got you covered!

if you have any other recommendation, leave us a comment below!

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